Harnessing the Power of Targeted Bioelectric Signals

Therapeutic Treatment

For Opening the Whole Airway Path


An early-stage bioregulatory medical device company

Focused on the development of a non-surgical, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, regenerative, and preventive, early intervention airway patency device suite. The Suite includes 2 devices – 1 for the mouth and 1 for the sinus that correct breathing disorders including obstructive sleep apnea and reverse the chronic disease conditions they cause.

Better Breathing, Better Sleep is coming to a Dentist near you

Closed Airway
Open Airway


Stimcore Medical Devices is the first suite of medical devices that can be used at any age and every stage.


The only device suite that addresses the three critical areas of OSA: Tongue, soft palate and Sinuses


Only need to wear for 30 minutes 3 times a week – anytime!


The first OSA Device that can be issued by a Dentist or MD.

The role of dentistry in the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders is much larger than you might expect

“Breath is the heartbeat of sleep. From efficient oxygen intake to the protective roles of nitric oxide; from ensuring restful nights free from sleep disruptions to maintaining a balanced nervous system and guarding oral health—nasal breathing is our unsung hero. It fuels, fortifies, and fosters a heart-healthy lifestyle. Restful sleep and nasal breathing may be the most simple and effective way to optimize your cardiovascular health.”

Americans spent nearly $48 billion on sleep aids last year…“Houston, we have a problem”

Sleep Apnea Affects nearly 1 Billion People Worldwide

Over 50 million people suffer from chronic sinusitis

Approximately 54 million people in the U.S. with OSA