1 billion people in the world suffer nightly

54 million Americans suffer

Up to 20 deaths per day in America are associated with this group

SIDS is the rawest from

Up to 40% of the kids that are diagnosed with ADHD have sleep apnea and not ADHD

Car wrecks caused by from the sleepiness associated with sleep apnea, OSA and poor breathing are causing havoc on out streets and hisays. Death and destruction in the billions not including the crippling effect on those that lived

Folks are tired at work costing the USA’s economy billions

Sleep apnea and OSA are destroying marriages every day. #1 medical reason for uncoupling and divorce. Snoring has changed the landscape of single folks looking for love

Heart attacks, strokes, immune system break down, dementia are just a few of the areas where complications arise from sleep apnea and OSA .

70% or more reject the treatments that offered yearly

Americans alone spent 48 billion on poor sleep last year.

Sleeping pills , CPAP’s, oral appliances and voodoo surgeries are hurting family members, friends and coworkers and soldiers

OSA is being passed to generations that are unaware of the consequences.

Sleep apnea, OSA and poor breathing are connected to one out :of : 3 deaths everyday . Why is the information hidden? Follow the money.

Stimcore is the first suite of medical devices that can be used at any age and every stage.

The only device suit that addresses the four main areas. Tongue , Uvula, Sinus/Turbinates, Obstructed Airway

Twice a week for 30 minutes.  Game changer that stands alone or that can come alongside other bandaids for relief.

First and only device or device suit that be issued by your doctor or dentist without a referral.

A sleep and breathing revolution that is starting now